Introducing the HS-350 & HS-400. VLF LF MF bands Up-Converters.





"The Big Jump"

"Alexanderson Day" special transmission on 17.2 kHz from SAQ Grimeton radio station in Sweden was received in Granby QC Canada (FN35RK) on 28 June 2015. Distance 5.700 km (3.600mi)

This was the group effort of VE2CRG,the Granby Amateur Radio Club.

The radio station setup included a tuned 1.7m diamond loop, FET balanced preamplifier, Heros Technology VLF-LF-MF Up- Converter HS-400400, multiband IF receiver tuned on 4.017 MHz and Spectral Analysis software Spectran v2.





Hi-Power 10kHz - 150MHz LF-HF-VHF Antenna Galvanic Isolator. Noise reduction system.





Aircraft band RF filter.

118MHz - 137MHz Multipole Composite High Pass Filter.

FM broadcasting band rejection: 100dB



Introduction to the HF Preselector-CAT 2020 by Nigel Coleman, G7CNF

HF Preselector-CAT 2020_CAT&Calibration by Nigel Coleman, G7CNF


HF Preselector-CAT 2020_Tracking feature by Nigel Coleman, G7CNF

HF Preselector-CAT 2020_Broadcast Stop Band by Nigel Coleman, G7CNF