118MHz - 137MHz Multipole Composite High Pass Filter

FM broadcasting band rejection: 100dB


Aircraft Band High Pass Filter. Video clip


  Filter plot  

AirBand filter ON-OFF response plot.
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  Aircraft Band High Pass Filter ; SKU: HS-118HPF £ 198.00 Order  
  The set includes: AirBand filter filter and user manual in CDROM format.


7th order miniature passive Elliptic Low Pass Filter series


Standard version (BNC-BNC or SMA-SMA)


Customise version available. Please ask.


Range of thirty five general purpose miniature Elliptic Low Pass Filters covering from 100kHz to 500MHz offering the benefits of LC design, low insertion loss, high power handling and controlled group delay.

Suitable for:
Laboratory measurement, Receivers, Exciters, RF Generators, Local oscillators, RF amplifiers, RF mixers, etc,

- Topology: Passive, 7th order, Elliptic
- Input/Output impedance: 50 Ohm.
- Sharp roll-off: High Stop band attenuation: see plots below.
- Power rating: 27dBm
- Connectors: BNC or SMA, Other connector options available, please ask.
- Enclosure: RF Metallic Shielded.
- Size: 56mmx20mmx20mm( 2.205x0.787x0.787in)
- Weight: 36.g

Available 3dB cutoff frequencies:

- 100kHz
- 300kHz
- 500kHz
- 600kHz
- 620kHz
- 800kHz

- 900kHz
- 1.3MHz
- 1.5MHz
- 2.0MHz

- 3.0MHz
- 4.2MHz
- 4.5MHz
- 5.0MHz
- 6.0MHz

- 9.0MHz
- 10.0MHz
- 15.0MHz
- 17.0MHz
- 20.0MHz
- 30.0MHz
- 45.0MHz
- 60.0MHz
- 70.0MHz
- 88.0MHz
- 90MHz
- 100MHz
- 150MHz
- 200MHz
- 220MHz
- 250MHz
- 300MHz
- 400MHz
- 500MHz


General purpose Low Pass Filters.



  Low Pass Filters connector options. Price Order
  BNC connector £ 66.00 Order
  SMA connector £ 78.00 Order

Other connector options available, please ask.


All models include:
Mini Low Pass Filters., user manual in CDROM format.


  AM Medium Wave Broadcast Band Rejection Filter. (No switching relays) 200 Watts power rating.  




Removes interfering signals from the AM Medium Wave broadcast band.
Connected in-line with any transceiver, transmits right through it.
Transparent filter in transmission.
Instantly switches from transmit to receive and back again.
No switching relays, no time delay, no moving parts.
Does not require connection to a power supply.


- Power rating: 200Watts (400W PEP)
- Frequency range: 1.8MHz-150MHz
- Impedance: 50 Ohm.
- MW band rejection: 80dB
- Insertion loss: < 0.5dB
- Connectors: SO-239 or "N" option
- Size: 148mmx55mmx50mm(5.827x2.165x1.969in)

  AM Medium Wave Broadcast Band Rejection Filter. Options  
  MW Broadcast Band Rejection filter. Connector option: SO-239 ; SKU: HS-300SO £ 165.00 Order  
  MW Broadcast Band Rejection filter. Connector option: N ; SKU: HS-300N £ 178.00 Order  
  The set includes:
MW BCB Rejection filter and datasheet in CDROM format.