DC Power Splitter. DC Power Distribution Centre.

One Input port. Thirteen Protected Output Ports available to power DC devices simultaneosusly safely.

Absolute max. rating: Up to 50 Volts/50 Amp.


Rear panel view. Showing all ports.


Front panel view.


Rear panel view.
Low/Medium power ouput ports. Binding post rated 20Amp each.


Front panel 50Amp Ammeter 50V Voltmeter.


Rear panel view. High power 50Amp Input and Output ports.

Front Panel 50Amp Circuit breaker.

The Front Panel:

The front panel includes the circuit breaker, 50Amp Ammeter measuring the total current draw and 50Volts voltmeter monitoring the output voltage. The circuit breaker is armed by operating the lever.




The RearPanel:

DC Input Power Supply:
The DC Power Splitter arranges one DC high power Input port to plug and external power supply or battery capable of delivery up to 50 volts/50 amperes maximum. All 0 volts (negative) input and outputs ports are not connected to chassis earth.

One high power Output port:
Rated for 50 amperes protected by a master fuse and a circuit breaker.  It is intended to power high current external devices. The negative (0 volts) output port is not connected to chassis earth.  

Twelve medium/low power Output ports:
They are available to power low and medium external devices. Each port is rated for 20 amperes and is protected by a dedicated automotive ATC/ATO type fuse. In addition all twelve output ports are protected by the master fuse and the circuit breaker. The negative (0 volts) output ports are not connected to chassis earth.  

Maximum total output current:
The absolute maximum total current draw from all combined output ports should not exceed 50 Amp.



Master fuse and low power port fuses are located inside the enclosure. Removing the lid they are easily accessible.
The master fuse is a 50Amp Mega type from Littlefuse or similar.

Medium/low power fuses are automotive ATC/ATO type, standard size (Recommended) Alternatively miniature version can be used for low current draw. They are located in the fuse box. Beside each fuse there is a LED that shows the state of it. LED OFF fuse is right, LED ON replace fuse.

The absolute maximum total current draw from all thirteen combined output ports should not exceed 50 Amperes.


Large gauge Input cables:

To avoid voltage drop high gauge cables are provided in order to plug the DC Power Splitter to an external power supply.
One metre of Red&Black, EMI filtered cables, gauge AWG #8 oversized (10mm²) ultra flexible silicon jacket rated for 60Amp.



Dimensions: 245mm x 235mm x 120mm (9.6inx9.3inx4.7in) Including protruding binding post connectors.

Weight: 2.00Kg


The DC Power Splitter can be customised according with your requirements.
Please feel free to contact us with your requirements. Contact page.



DC Power Splitter. DC Power Distribution Centre.






SKU: HS-DC Splitter

The set includes: DC Power Splitter, large gauge input cables, spare fuses and CD manual.

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